Our team

Sigma Telecoms

At Sigma Telecoms , our main assets are the closeness and unity of our staff. Everyone contributes to the quality and delivery of our projects, whether they are part of the management team, project managers or employees. Everyone finds their place in a healthy and respectful working environment.

Management team:

  • Tony Senay

  • Hisam Abdelrahim

  • Said Zerzeri

  • Talel Chebbah

  • Caroline Chiasson

    The strength of our team

    Team renowned for quality customer relations
    Experienced staff to meet all your needs and services
    Years of experience in all areas of telecommunications, network and structures
    Ease of adaptation to the specific needs of our customers
    Customer solutions methodology for developing projects in real time
    Anticipating and proposing solutions to project problems
    Availability to respond respond quickly to customer requests and queries
    Execution strategy, Highly qualified staff to manage deliverables
    Quality control at every stage of the project
    Civil optimisation for solve problematic structures